Burlington On the Spot
Burlington On the Spot
Season 2, Episode 2: Some Girls and a Mural

Staci Beauford & Audrey Sayles are bringing the creativity out in communities all across the midwest. It all started in 2017 when Staci painted her first mural in Limon, CO. Little did she know, that first mural would garner 115,000 views on social media. Audrey joined up with Staci and the started the business “Some Girls and a Mural”. They go around painting the midwest together along with other female artists. Tune in for this fascinating listen where Troy sits down with Staci & Audrey to learn more about Some Girls and a Mural. They also discuss other topics such as Colorado funding for the arts, bringing awareness to issues with rural art communities receiving funding, an exciting community project called “Paint the Plains”, and more…

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